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Wendy and Lucy
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Wendy and Lucy

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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

This, The Florida Project, and The Promise (1996) are the best modern neorealist films

Anonymous picture

Atmospheric and deeply felt. Michelle Williams is magnetic in this role

Anonymous picture

One of my favorite movies.
I had dogs when I was little, but just myself when I had to live out of my car. Spent a while scared to sleep.
Michelle Williams is an actress I'll instantly watch a film she is in regardless of subject.

Anonymous picture

A fine, sensitive portrayal of loneliness and the struggle to survive on the margins in a country and culture that leave us to bear our sorrows alone. Michelle Williams is so real that one almost forgets one is watching fiction. Kudos to Kelly Reichardt, a rare and worthy filmmaker.

Anonymous picture

she is great !!! unforgettable happening !!! i love Michelle !!! thank u canopy !!!

Anonymous picture

very good.

Anonymous picture

...sorta like life really is.....great acting....

Anonymous picture

Interestingly, a day after seeing this film, I saw on the news today that a woman in Texas found her dog that was lost 4 years ago. And I couldn't believe that this dog's name was also LUCY! I really wanted to believe that Wendy and Lucy got back together; and now I feel assured that they ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Intriguing but wanted diff ending

Anonymous picture

A very sad, idiosyncratic, and possibly perfect film. Depicts a strata of society rarely dramatized in movies.

Anonymous picture

absolute perfection

Anonymous picture

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

It really didn't make sense to me. The poor dog and the bad acting. Fr*cking exploitation movie.

Lincoln avatar

A very good film. See my review:

Anonymous picture

Excellent Michelle Williams as always. Sad story. Actors all good.

Anonymous picture

Very bleak. Love the dog.

Anonymous picture

Very touching. The love and bond between girl and dog. Kindness and despair

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Yes this is very good acting by Michelle Williams, but the movie is unrelentingly depressing and when you get to the last five minutes, there are no surprises. Despite the fact that the title is "Wendy and Lucy", there is very little evidence of a relationship between the person and the dog. ...Read more