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Sunset Boulevard
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Sunset Boulevard

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Thanks to the great Billy Wilder, one of the great screenplays of all time...and 70 yrs down the road, it's STILL's today's pictures that have gotten small.

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Eva hesse

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There is really quite a lot to this movie and a lot to like. Even though it's nearly 70 years old, it still feels really fresh. The part with Cecil B. DeMille feels quite different from the rest of the film--he is on a film shoot himself--and he kind of steps out of both films. I choose to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Simply put one of the best films ever made.

Graciela avatar

Cannot agree more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Ever hear of misei nscene? They invented it right here. In Hollywood. That's where I live now. Moved here sixteen months ago. NO coincidence. I live very close to Sunset Blvd, a bout a half an hour. When I go there, I sometimes think of this classic. LOVE IT

Anonymous picture

Great film! Glad to have finally seen it! I love the old classics! :)