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The Stranger
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The Stranger

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

I really enjoyed this film.

Anonymous picture

A good B-picture, kind of a thematic sequel to Welles' "Journey Into Fear" and Edward G. Robinson's "Confessions Of A Nazi Spy." Lacks ambiguity but plenty of suspense. Robinson is brilliant, Welles fine but a bit hollow.

Anonymous picture

There are a lot of plot holes in this movie

Anonymous picture

Excellent old style detective movie with great stars. Great cinematography as well, typical of Welles...

Anonymous picture

An uncomfortable movie, as I imagine Orson Wells intended it to be. The confident subterfuge of Professor Charles Rankin is fingernails on a chalkboard.

Anonymous picture

Good stuff. Some of the same strangely angled super closeups that are de rigueur for Welles and then for avant garde film, the B&W cinematography is moody and lush, per usual for Welles, and it has [spoilers! Wait, stop, doing read further! spoiler alert!] some great moments. For example, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

the 5 star rating has become the 4 star rating because of the lack of 5 star motion pictures this is a 5 star motion picture.

Anonymous picture

Classic Wells.

Anonymous picture

Fantastic !

Anonymous picture

Great acting, cinematography, and some extremely thrilling scenes. The story is exciting but pretty unbelievable at times, especially from the middle of the film onwards. Spectacular finale though!