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Seven Samurai, Part 1
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Seven Samurai

One of the most thrilling movie epics of all time, SEVEN SAMURAI (Shichinin no samurai) tells the story of a sixteenth-century village whose desperate inhabitants hire the eponymous warriors to protect them from invading bandits.

This three-hour ride from Akira Kurosawa -- featuring legendary actors Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura -- seamlessly weaves philosophy and entertainment, delicate human emotions and relentless action, into a rich, evocative, and unforgettable tale of courage and hope.

Nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Art Direction, Best Set Design) and three BAFTA Awards (Best Film from Any Source, Best Foreign Actor - Toshiro Mifune, Best Foreign Actor - Takashi Shimura).

Won the Silver Lion at the 1954 Venice Film Festival.

Comments (29)

Amara avatar

Absolute masterpiece. The directing is phenomenal.

Anonymous picture

Not boring classic. Ripped off gazillion times. 5/5


Like every other Mifune film that I have seen, no matter who else is in it, my eyes can never be taken off him - he is that good !

Neon avatar

One of my favorite films from Japan that is worth seeing every once a while. It also remains the most influential film to date. The great cinematography, soundtrack, and it's great writing that many will learn never forget. A must-watch for anyone willing to last for 3 and a half hours. It ...Read more

Anonymous picture

One of the greatest films by one of the greatest films director's.

Anonymous picture

I can watch this movie over and over again. One of the greatest film of all time.

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

Finally! My first time seeing this. What a classic.

I am so blown away by Kurosawa's depiction of women. It was like this in Rashomon, too. There's something about Kurosawa's women characters that is so satisfying for me. The women characters in Kurosawa's films are not simply ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Damn, I only speak USA English, and to had go backwards/forwards in this 1st film a number of times to get straight those aspects I missed the first go-rounds. Never-the-less, this is turning out to be a damn fine film/movie! I liked even though I think I missed a lot. Am going to watch ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Just rewatched it for Xth time. First time I realized how significant the head shaving at the beginning was. He sacrificed his "status" to save a child.

Anonymous picture

The foundation for a million movies, from spaghetti westerns to Ocean's Eleven. Fascinating look at an (imagined) culture. It's long and gets saggy, but never quite boring. NOT Free (Criterion) as advertised: cost me a credit (though worth it).

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

My health isn't always what it used to be. Tongiht was the case. I figured what the fr*ck. I brought Buster into my room (hadn't been in a few weeks) And we watched this movie. My second time seeing it. But still.

Anonymous picture

My favorite director thank you for this website so I can enjoy all of his movies

Anonymous picture

This great film is the predecessor of another film "The Magnificent Seven" (c. 1960) that had an all-star cast led by Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson and other greats. The setting was post-Civil War in Mexico where a group of out of work gunslingers are hired to protect villagers ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Why is this film so famous, influential, and why is it simply the "greatest action film ever made"? One reason is because you care deeply about every one of the main characters. SIMPLY BRILLIANT. WATCH!

Anonymous picture

It’s a long film clocking in at 207 minutes, but I never found it boring and maybe that’s because at its root it’s a story about survival in a hostile world. It’s primal. It’s not a kind depiction of man and it makes no attempt to humanize the bandits – who are terrorizing a small village. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

the characters and drama of it, the suspense, the numerology and epigrams, just so so good.

Anonymous picture

One of my all time favorites. Never tire of watching it.

Anonymous picture
Ean James

3 hours and 25 minutes of pure entertainment brought to us by the great Akira Kurosawa.

Anonymous picture

I knew the basic story from all of the adaptations/remakes that have been made throughout the year, but I figured I should watch the original. It's very well put together. I enjoy the characters and plot. It truly is a masterpiece.

Anonymous picture

The list of films I feel privileged to see is not too long. This is near the top.

Anonymous picture

Great movie seen it so many times don't need the subtitles still catch things
didn't see before

Niranjan avatar

Loved the movie, every bit of it.

Jewli avatar

I have seen this film a few times and always catch something new each time

Anonymous picture

I've seen this movie at least 25 times now and it'like Citizen Kane, there is always something new I catch as well. It's one of the best films ever made.

Anonymous picture

G.O.A.T. Material right here

Traci avatar

Simply the best movie EVER made.

Anonymous picture

Yeah, I agree. Every word of your short statement is true.

Anonymous picture

Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, a thrilling epic of teamwork that inspired so many filmmakers.