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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

Ohio so Ohio))

William avatar

Brilliant. I found it not at all schlocky (au contraire), except perhaps the closing crane shot and accompanying music. But, you know, sometimes I think we've become too cynical and hard to appreciate movies and life.

Anonymous picture

Suffers from schlock, but still a powerful study of surviving kidnapping and imbibing your child with a will to live beyond a prison. Interesting.

Minami avatar

Having been lukewarm on the book, I stayed away from this film for a long time, but man, am I glad I watched this. This tugs on ALL your heart strings.

Anonymous picture

Love both movie and book! Recommended.

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Anonymous picture

Thumbs up!

Anonymous picture

ROOM feels like salt in a wound and is somehow still a triumph. a narrative like this could easily prove too heavy to carry, but Larson and Tremblay are an incredible force to be reckoned with.

James avatar

Not too schlocky for me, rather too painful. It is rare, I hope, but there are real "Old Nicks" and it is beyond heartbreaking to consider their victims. My first attempt at watching this, I couldn't make it through. Also, Kay Louise, I'm male too. You didn't suggest we're all alike, but it's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great movie

Anonymous picture
kay louise

powerful.tragic.what a concept. so well cast. What an imagination! Like Samson, his strength was in his hair! And he was prepared to let it go and give it to his Ma! So many forms of Love...must have seen it before- it was familiar. Not for everyone..

Anonymous picture

Way too schlocky to be enjoyable for me.

Anonymous picture
kay louise

that's honest. Maybe because you're male? I'm a mother, and it was very powerful for me...I'm also a midwife, and a paediatric nurse, so know how amazing children can be..

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

When I saw it. I was consdierign reading the book. NOw i'm gonna read the book. Fr*cking beautiful cinematography. Every image had me in my seat.

Anna avatar

Loved the film, so I read the book! Highly recommend!

Rosemarie avatar

What if all you knew was a prison, but you did not know it was a prison? Consider Jacks perspective throughout the film. Excellent story, acting.

Anonymous picture
kay louise

yes, fascinating concept-what an imagination- to create such a story....! Suddenly reminded of The Collector! Book by John Fowles. Terence Stamp and Samantha Egger....

Chelsea avatar

This is such a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I've seen this film many times over the years, and am so excited to see it on Kanopy! Jacob Tremblay is one of a kind - so much talent for someone so young. And he's so cute!

Anonymous picture
kay louise

it's only 3 yrs old....I recall seeing it before-don't think I read it...such great casting...Will look up which year Brie won her Oscar...