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A Prayer Before Dawn
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A Prayer Before Dawn

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Comments (8)

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amazing. based on actual events

Anonymous picture

A compelling movie of a real experience acted brilliantly by Joe Cole! Fasten your seat belts

Anonymous picture

An excellent movie.

Anonymous picture

Not an easy watch, but beautifully shot and acted. Worth the wait :)

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Anonymous picture

That was a great freaking movie!!!

Anonymous picture

What a gem! I'm surprised I hadn't seen this film before. Great story, beautifully shot and edited, gorgeous cinematography with a brilliant performance by Joe Cole. The fact that practically all of it is spoken in Thai leaves the westerner spectator just as lost and alienated as Billy might ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Highly recommend, but you better steel yourself for the truth of suffering, the truth of ignorance as the cause thereof...and the two others in distinctly Thai vernacular. It's a prison memoir in large part, but also a boxing film, a gangster film, and terrifyingly believable. As ...Read more