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People Say I'm Crazy
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People Say I'm Crazy
Schizophrenia Viewed from the Inside Out

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Anonymous picture

Thank you for sharing your art and yourself with us.

Anonymous picture

I wish all schizophrenics would look into the work of Swedish philosopher Swedenborg and psychologist Jerry Marzinksy. Marzinsky, based off decades of experience treating schizophrenics, believes that the negative voices schizophrenics are tormented by are astral parasites/entities that feed ...Read more

Cynthia avatar

As someone with schizoaffective disorder, I wish I could downvote your comment so it would disappear. There is already a ton of stigma around psychotic disorders since they are misunderstood by most people who have no idea what they're talking about.

Anonymous picture

From the first minute I saw the scruffy beard of John Cadigan fill the
entire screen and heard him describe how waking up to smooth sheets would
signal a good day, but wrinkled sheets meant a bad one would surely come, I
knew that everyone who saw the finished film would not ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Fascinating and enlightening, descent into the illness.