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My Depression
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My Depression
The Up and Down and Up of it

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Comments (18)

Anonymous picture

Simply put, interesting, informative, beautiful and honest.

Anonymous picture

which one is steve buscemi

Anonymous picture

This film was simple but impactful; cute and informative to the perspective.

Anonymous picture

Thank you for this lesson. You helped me <3

Anonymous picture

Depression is about numbness. Feeling nothing. No sadness, no joy. You go out having a poker face. Nothing moves you. Don't listen for those telling you that drugs are bad for you..or ..all you need is love..or that there is a big pharma conspiracy . Thats ALL bullshit. There are so many ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Doesn't quite work for me and i also find the cure being 'medicine' is trivializing. This is kind of dated. Medication doesn't work for everyone & isn't usually effective on its own. There is still no scientific proof for 'chemical imbalances'... that's just a theory that sells drugs!

Anonymous picture

I agree with this comment.

Normand avatar

Bien fait. Agréable à regarder.

Anonymous picture

I like the idea of clinical depression being depicted in such a whimsical way. I actually smiled once or twice (something I rarely do) while watching this. Very refreshing and insightful. I give this one 5 stars: I'm so glad I discovered Kanopy!

Anonymous picture

Don't use drugs.
Just find one thought you made, caught one though you know is silly, and ridicule it. For instance, if you thought.. "I am ugly and that is why nobody likes me".. just take the power out of it making it ridiculous as with "well.. if I am that ugly I could film a scary ...Read more

Cherie avatar

I don't like that drugs are the way out!

Anonymous picture

Good one.

Anonymous picture

The humor fell flat for me. This take on depression (told from a white woman's perspective) wasn't very insightful -- especially with the caricatures of people of color, and a few annoying songs thrown in. It's like watching an animated version of the "Cathy" cartoon, about depression. ...Read more

kim avatar

Thanks for your review. I will skip this one.

Anonymous picture

I feel you

Anonymous picture

Yes! Someone finally gets it! Someone's perspective on depression is dependent on their gender and skin color. Thank you for bringing this to light, Bean.

Anna avatar

Such a unique and effective way of illustrating one's personal experiences with depression through music and animation!

Anonymous picture

This is great! Can't wait to use it for programming!