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Murder on the Orient Express
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Murder on the Orient Express

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Brilliantly done. And this from someone for whom there can (generally) be only one Poirot...David Suchet.

Anonymous picture

What a cast!! the best of the best

Anonymous picture

What a fabulous cast - so fun to see Jacqueline Bisset in this early role.

Anonymous picture

I cannot say how many times I have watched this film but it always is a pleasure to see such distinguished ensemble cast doing a great job. Recommended to fans of good films and who done its.

Anonymous picture

truly amazing cast . Ingrid Bergman so beautiful at 59 only 8 years before her death from breast cancer... she was just so amazing.. she was offered a larger role in this film, but won the academy award for supporting actress on only a few minutes of screen time. wonderful film. Albert ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This was good/entertaining. If you've never seen "Murder By Death", that'd be a good one to see after watching this. :-)

Anonymous picture

An excellent film with a fantastic musical score. Much better than the most recent version.

Anonymous picture

Worth watching!