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Linda avatar

Well done. The representations, conversations, and the emotional expressions of gain, loss, and balance were enlightening and provoking. The content, well established by the writing. The context, well expressed by the actors, esp. Tom Hardy's performance. This would be an excellent piece ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Interesting - viewer gets to eavesdrop on a series of wrenching conversations that are linked by one man's struggle with his conscience.

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Anonymous picture

just fantastic.

Anonymous picture

Existentialism at its best.

Anonymous picture

This was surprisingly engaging.

Anonymous picture

I appreciate the audacity of the premise, but really that's all this is: a premise in search of a film. Tom Hardy is a talented, compelling actor, but even he can't make me enjoy watching a guy take phone calls in his car for 85 minutes. 1 star

Stranger avatar

For a movie that almost completely takes place in a man's car, this is a movie is surprisingly not boring. This is because of great writing and directing and Tom Hardy's lead performance.
Definitely check this one out.


Anonymous picture

I love Tom Hardy so went along for a ride with him to see what's going on. He used bad judgement and had to suffer the consequences. Poor timing also plays a part. He took many phone calls from family, work associates and other people. Not a crime or action film.

Anonymous picture

This is a good one!

Anonymous picture

Intense dialogue, superb one man performance by Tom Hardy. Gripping tension, unrelenting uncertainty about the ending. For fans of realistic interplay between real human beings. Not for everyone, especially impatient dolts who want car crashes and other Hollywood nonsense.

Unless you ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Buster doesn't read captions. I don't either. I watch subtitles films. YES. BUt I on't need captions. Haven't seen this picture yet. But I think I will watch it when the knee recovers. (My seat makes it difficult)

Anonymous picture

director should go back to school. Long car scenes kill viewer interest. Quit after 8 mins. Fast forwarded to end. They actually get paid for this?

Anonymous picture

Not so much a film as a powerful radio drama.

Anonymous picture

Or just a fantastically long BMW commercial.

Anonymous picture

Your university sold out to corporate interests decades ago. Why haven't you?

Janice avatar

Oh shut up, Igor.