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The Living

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Comments (6)

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I thought this was a excellent film.

Anonymous picture

This movie was okay.

Anonymous picture

I was mixed on this movie. I felt it was a good plot overall. It showed the context of an abusive relationship, The truth is most women stay. I thought that Molly took him back too soon. However, the real message I believe was that the husband may have been trying to change -- he never had ...Read more

Anonymous picture

this film is extremely amateurish: script, cast (except for the killer), and production value worse than most student films. don't waste your credits.

Anonymous picture

I like this film a lot. In a few scenes, dialogue points to a major theme: following a questionable ideal(ex: masculinity, punitive justice, etc) to a predictably tragic conclusion. It's a heavy-handed parable, for men. The other narrative of reconciliation is a bit more questionable for ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It was good..I thought the ending could have been a little tighter..Chris Mulkey was very good..kind of reminded me of Robert Mitchum in the good Cape Fear.