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On Guard
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On Guard
Le bossu

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Anonymous picture

I agree with the couple of comments about the ending--it's too hard to buy. But the wild ride to get there is definitely a great time--superb stage combat, lovely performances from Auteuil, Perez, Nebout (as the lovely Blanche de Caylus), Gillain (as her plucky daughter), and Luchini, as the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Vincent Perez is the absolute best thing about this movie.

Anonymous picture

Fun, entertaining and a great escape. Perez and Auteuil are fantastic. Wonderful scenery and costumes. Swashbuckling at its best. But I hated the ending. Still worth watching.

Anonymous picture

Lots of sword fights (of course), blood shed, and the like. Fairly picturesque with a light feel to the acting and delivery which made the characters very likable or disagreeable all in their own way. I really liked this movie, but the very end (which just didn't work for me) brought my ...Read more

Simon avatar

Classic cloak-and-dagger movie... I remember watching it growing up, and it was a pleasure to watch it again. Luchini is awesome as the villain!